More than 120 countries across the globe.

The Onduline® story began in 1944 when the brand was created in France. That’s when we first introduced our cellulose-bitumen-based roofing and under-roofing  material. By 1964, we opened subsidiaries in Germany and Italy too, and we continued expanding throughout Western Europe. In the early 1990s, following major innovations and key acquisitions, we branched out into Eastern Europe, and during the last decade, we continued riding a wave of expansion throughout South America and East Asia as well. Today, we’re delivering high-performance products and award-winning solutions to more than 100 countries across the globe – with a keen focus on design, reliability and user-friendliness. Thanks to our unique global presence, we’re close to our customers and able to listen to their needs, allowing us to develop reliable solutions they can enjoy in any type of weather.

Outstanding Design

you want more than a reliable solution for your home. Naturally, you also want a roof that looks great! ONDUVILLA® tiles have been carefully developed by our designers to give them an attractive clay-tile resemblance. And horizontal shadow imitations are painted on to give the thick, distinctive, raised appearance of traditional Mediterranean roofs.

You can enhance your home with a system that adapts seamlessly to all roof shapes and sizes. All the components match brilliantly. The result is an aesthetic solution you’re sure to be proud of!

Whether it concerns how we serve our customers and the way we function for them internally, we design, manufacture or ship our products, with always the same true values…


Paying the same attention to everyone is the essence of ONDULINE. Our products are simple, accessible and easy to install so all of our customers and end-users can enjoy the same experience and feel in harmony with them.


Our systems have been successful around the world for over 70 years. The reliability of our materials and components is the result of our unique expertise. We’re able to guarantee optimal technology, and this is largely thanks to the hard work of our dedicated employees who we constantly encourage to grow professionally.


How do our actions impact the future? this is the question we carefully consider in everything we do. We focus on all aspects of sustainability, from environment friendliness to positive business practices and to social responsibility.