A Legacy of Trust

PRE PAINTED GALVANIZED IRON (PPGI)® is a brand of National Steel — the steel manufacturer par excellence. National Steel does not only has a landmark position in the Indian steel processing industry, but also enjoys credibility in the markets the world over. With consistent quality, commitment to customers and reliability in delivery, National Steel has carved a reputation for itself. National Steel manufactures a wide range of products including Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized Plain and Corrugated Steel, and Pre Painted Steel. National Steel has wide market reach in India as well as South East Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and the Americas.

  • Superior Process
  • Superior Performance
  • Precise Engineering
  • Better Corrosion Resistance
  • Better UV Resistance

With-consistent quality, commitment to customers and wide reach, National Steel holds a landmark position in the Steel Industry.

PPGI® 1060 / 1000

PRE PAINTED GALVANIZED IRON (PPGI)® 1060 is a cladding profile that is designed to fit most applications. The profile offers wider coverage with optimum strength. The unique center-ribs lend better wind load carrying capacity. The unique anti-capillary groove prevents water seepage through the overlaps, ensuring watertight cladding that remain leak-proof for years. The design also prevents moisture built up on fasteners, preventing premature corrosion.

PRE PAINTED GALVANIZED IRON (PPGI)® 1000 is a special design profile for stronger roofing applications. Its optimum pitch and depth ratio lends superior weight bearing capacity, making PRE PAINTED GALVANIZED IRON (PPGI)® 1000 the profile of choice. Its unique design makes for a watertight roofing solution with the added advantage of an anti-capillary groove, which ensures a leak proof installation for years to come. The design also prevents moisture built up on fasteners preventing premature corrosion.