Industrial Troughed sheets:

The industrial troughed sheet is the most advanced and durable sheet we have manufactured: The 9 Corrugation design gives maximum strength to the sheets.

Key Specification of the sheets are:

  1. IS 1254: 2007 Approved: This is the only design which abides by the guidelines of Indian Standard IS 1254: 2007 for aluminium corrugated roofing sheets.
  2. Highest grade aluminium: We have made specialized high grade aluminium in collaboration with BALCO (Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd.), this high grade 3000 series aluminium alloy is made at state of the art manufacturing facility at BALCO and than it undergoes special heat treatment process to gain extra strength and versatility.
  3. Anti Capillary grove: The anti capillary groove is designed to make the sheets leakproof. The groove makes sure that not a single water droplet gets leaked inside the roof.
  4. Optimum Coverage: Our Industrial troughed sheets are designed to provide a optimum coverage of 980 mm after overlapping.
  5. Light but Strong: Aluminium sheets are lightweight as compared to PPGI and Cement sheets which can reduced the cost of your structure and our Specialized roofing grade aluminium with combination of industrial troughed design gives perfect strength to the sheets.
  6. Customised Length: We provide the length of the sheets as per your requirement So you don’t have to worry about any wastage.
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