At Home with Aluminium

Domal is the Italian leading brand in aluminium building systems.

Domal products are suitable for different applications: new buildings as well as refurbishment, residential houses and offices, car showrooms and hotels, cinemas, shopping malls, etc. Domal offers a wide range of products and a variety of surface finishing able to fulfill all the needs of the customer.

Domal was founded in 1973 in Milan (Italy) and it is the oldest and most widely-known brand in the sector!

All Domal products are tested in accordance with the new European regulations requiring thermal insulation, air-wind water tightness and sound absorption. Domal certifications have been updated to grant Cascading ITT for CE marking.

Domal Products

Domal Quality


ALUMINIUM SECTION extrude at own plant in Europe According to DIN (German) standard : variation +/ 5 mm / 3660 mm It may non standard production i.e. poor quality of section result inferior quality finish product.
Homogeneous aluminum composition–even color Anodize Non standard aluminum composition – difference in color Anodize
Aluminum window fabrication by train franchisee staff – on sophisticated machinery result of that quality and service assurance. Fabrication by their own machine and semi skill staff. For service local level approach only.
Corporate governance Unorganized approach
Hardware design and supply by Domal itself. Hardware and accessories procure locally as they need.
Gasket made of EPDM or PVC-longer life Gasket may made of rubber- brittle soon
Roller of sliding window Tested : 90 kg load /10000 cycle No test assurance is available
possibility : windows
(1) sliding–vertical, Horizontal, slant (2)  casement (3) top hung (4) bottom hung
(5) pivoted (6) bay window (7) Tilt an turn (8) louvered : fix and movable
(9) arch and round window (10) fold-able (11) fix Doors (12) sliding doors
(13) loved door (14) swing door (15) top mounted
Only sliding and openable window possible
Infill thickness 5- 28 mm (sliding up to 5-18 mm) Infill thickness varied
All window Air tight, sound and thermal insulated Air leakage, non sound and thermal insulated

  • Modern system, designed to Euro Standard, for optimim weight, thinkness & moment of inertia
  • Can be fabricated in any sizes and combination.
  • Possibilities of Zigzag shape partition due to special design bay profile joinery.
  • Possibilities of door attachment in Half Height, Full Height
  • Choice for Infill thinkness from 6mm to 28mm.
  • Special corner cleats, cross joint, T are joint used.
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation
  • Unlimited range with a variety of European accessories
  • Competent with available ready office furniture.
  • Price effective than most of available partition system in the market.