SC – 45


SC45 is a sliding system range which benefits from the most innovative aesthetics and technical concepts making it a unique solution in its segment : slim outside strong inside. Especially designed for applications where finishing quality and operating safety matters the most. With SC45 Sliding System, we can achieve tall and stable windows with hurricane barriers and improved visibility.

SC45 is an outstanding competitive solution due to its structural features and above all to its optimized product configuration. It enables the construction of 2, 3 or 4 leaf windows and patio- doors, basic solution peripheral solution and mono-rail solution, on 2 or 3 tracks, fly screen , possibility to create 2 divisions in a single shutter with middle transom.

90 degree joining for frames and 45 degree joining for shutters . SC45 is adapted for large dimensions and offers various infill possibilities from 4 to 24mm.

  • Its adjustable rollers can carry up to 120kgs per sash.
  • Infill glass can be single or double glazed (thickness can vary from 4 to 24 mm).
  • Accessories for lock with innovative design are available in the kit.
  • Siliconised EPDM U glazing gaskets for excellent air and water tightness.
  • Nylon double fin shutterpyle for protection against dust ingress.
  • Rails in anodized aluminum or stainless steel option.
  • A wide range of aluminum profiles & array of central mullions to choose as per wind and live load conditions.
  • SC45 system is high on aesthetics, smart in design and excellent on all performance parameters of a sliding window.
  • Wider track and deeper gutter for water drainage and easy maintenance.
  • Theft guard provided against lifting of shutter from outside.
  • Excellent insulation and noise reduction.
  • An ideal sliding window option for big height and large dimensions of window opening.
  • Single/Multiple point locking option with 1/2/3/4 Locking Commands.


  • Sleek design with 33 mm visible width in the center, yet very strong in 2 or 3 track option windows.
  • Compatible with 45DS casement series.
  • Available in single & double glazing 4,5,6 & 8 and 24 mm.
  • U gasket for better tightness. Tubular frame with simple version, architrave option and built-in mosquito frame option.
  • 45 degree joint in frame & 90 degree joining for shutters.
  • Corner connection in frame with crimping or corner cleat.
  • Vertical Shutter frame in 2 varieties.
  • Same horizon and vertical shutter section.
  • Additional option of door bottom kick plate.
  • Central mullion choices in rectangular and aerodynamic shapes for high wind load and larger height window /door applications.
  • Option to fix the mosquito frame later with 2 simple profiles.
  • Central transom for door and window.
  • Central transom for mosquito Shutter.

Constructed on a 45mm module, the 45 DS casement series is one of the path breaking product in its segment . Due to the depth of its offer and its economic solutions, 45 DS casement series is an optimized design and high on performance for acoustic and weather parameters. The 45 DS casement is the ideal system for exterior joinery in tropical and hot climates.

Its wide choice of applications and technical solutions makes it ideal for all types of residential and commercial establishments. The 45 DS casement is fully compatible to integrate with the door and SC45 sliding systems of AluK It is available in a variety of applications such as single and double sash windows and patio doors with inward  or outward  opening  option.

  • 45DS Casement system is a double overlap system for windows and doors.
  • Outer and inner frame section of 45mm depth construction.
  • The extruded aluminum sections are made from 6063 alloy homogenized billets with aluminum composition tolerances and suited for anodizing and painting.
  • Product Composition : Casement windows and doors with inward and outward opening window and doors in  1 sash I 2 sash, Top Hung and Bottom Hung windows, Windows /Doors with fixed light  configuration, Patio Doors, Tilt & Turn window option.
  • High quality hardware in stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Moulded PVC and polyamide parts for a perfect finishing.
  • Long-life tested handles, hinges and tilt-&-turn fittings.
  • Hinges standing up to 72 Kg per sash
  • AluK® Brand-marked handles.
  • Precision corner-cleats and T-connectors for perfect profile junctions.
  • Additional lock-points for burglary protection in big-size windows and doors.
  • Key-lock system available for doors.
  • Double-gasket sealing system.
  • Glazing and weatherproofing gaskets in EPDM: excellent endurance to ageing, heat and sunlight.
  • Drainage system enhanced with deflectors.
  • Infill option : 4 to 30 mm.