SC – 40N

A slim yet solid and durable high quality sliding windows system from Aluk which guarantees strength & durability in use. Tested for 25000 cycles of operation (equivalent to more than 15 years of regular use) provides  an envying 80 to 120 Kg of sash weight with single glazed system choice of 4-8 mm for mass housing requirement. SC40 gives comprehensive performance along with reinforced security and wider vision with great overall aesthetics.

A wide range of sliding option is available with choice of integrated mosquito screen. The product choices are:

  • 2 Track 2 Shutters
  • 2 Track 3 Shutters
  • 2 Track 4 Shutters
  • 3 Track 3 Shutters
  • 3 Track 6 Shutters

and with fixed or casement integration options.


The product comes with top of the quality AluK ® branded fittings and accessories. It is provided with locks without key and with key option for added security, top of the line EPDM gaskets, high quality rollers on needle bearings which is replaceable without dismantling the shutters and other accessories and  tested for 25000 cycles of operation.

  • Wide range of RAL color choices and exclusive colors profiles with powder coating warranty of 10/25 years.
  • Provision of anodized aluminum / stainless steel rail on bottom track for smoother slider movement.
  • Sleek design with 24 mm visible width in the center, yet very strong in 2 or 3 track option.
  • Compatible with 40N casement series.
  • Available in single glazing in 4, 5, 6 & 8 mm. U gasket is provided for better tightness.
  • Tubular frame with simple version, architrave option and built-in mosquito frame option.
  • 45 degree joint in frame and 90 degree joining for shutters.
  • Corner connection in frame with crimping or corner cleat.
  • Rails in anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Vertical Shutter frame in 2 varieties; simple and with built-in aluminum handle same horizon and vertical shutter section.
  • Additional option of door bottom kick plate.
  • Central mullion choices in rectangular and aerodynamic shapes for high wind load and larger height window/door applications.
  • Option to fix the mosquito frame later with 2 simple profiles.
  • Central transom for door and window.
  • Central transom for mosquito Shutter.

A casement window frame solution of 40mm wide module with a range of economical and high performance product options for single and double glazing system choice of 4 to 36mm in order to give a combined optimum thermal, acoustic, security and comfort.


A wide range of both open in and open out windows solutions possible to create simple and composite frames of 1 sash & 2 sash windows, Top Hung and Fixed Frame window options. 40N casement windows available in fiush version and double overlap option.


A comprehensive spectrum of top of the quality international fittings and branded AluK® accessories with ergonomic handles, multipoint locks and invisible fastening points, top of the line EPDM gaskets and other accessories tested for large cycles of window operation.


  • Wide range of RAL color choices with powder coating warranty of 10/25 years.
  • Compatible for integration with AluK 40 series sliding windows and doors.
  • Available in 2 versions without glazing bead and with glazing bead option.


  • 40mm depth.
  • Miter joint  (45degree)  – both sash and frame.
  • Double overlap solution.
  • Infill – 4 ,5 ,6 ,8 mm with U Gasket
  • 2 Sash windows configuration with flying mullion
  • Multipoint locking with Cremone Handle.
  • Both options available for butt hinge and friction hinge.
  • Additional reinforced sections for high wind load cases.


  • 40 mm depth.
  • Miter joint (45deg) – both sash and frame.
  • Flush inside and overlap outside solution.
  • Possibility of rounded and rectangular glazing beads.
  • Fixed Frame : 5 – 26 mm infill options
  • Openable Windows : 4 – 36 mm infill options
  • Both rectangular and rounded glazing bead options
  • Multipoint locking with Cremone Handle.
  • Both options available for butt hinge and friction hinge.
  • Additional reinforced sectioned section for high wind pressure cases.